Our Data Models are the framework our API uses to enable third party applications to read and write clinical data. All of them are standardized in JSON format and can synch with any electronic health record (EHR) system via a single HTTPS connection. Redox handles all data mapping, translation, and connectivity to the health system, ensuring the developer experience remains consistent across all health system sites.  

There are two kinds of data models: the first is event based, where messages are triggered by user action within the EHR (a new appointment is scheduled, a new patient is registered, etc.) and automatically pushed to an established webhook; the second is query based, where instead of being triggered and posted automatically, clinical data is pulled by request and is sent to an application on demand.

Redox currently has a variety data models that can transfer a wide array of clinical data. With more innovative solutions being developed every day, the need for different data models continues to grow. If your solution requires clinical data that isn’t represented here, let us know—often we can combine models to fit your needs, or create an entirely new one to support our customers. 

Check out all of our data model documentation in our free developer account.

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