Launch app within an EHR system

You can use this API action to authorize and authenticate an SSO request in order to launch apps within an EHR system. Typically, you can use this for: 

  • allowing a provider or patient to access your app directly from their system; 
  • enabling SSO for you to make FHIR® API requests to your connection’s system; or
  • allowing Redox to automatically refresh access tokens for your system.

Redox handles the SSO request with OAuth 2.0. We store the access tokens for you and automatically refresh the tokens as needed. 

This API action allows you to quickly and efficiently integrate with a new connection’s system by using an existing configuration with minimal code changes.

Supported systems 

You can use this API action with the Redox FHIR® API. For SSO, you can use SAML, SMART, or other SSO schemes. Redox is compatible with any OAuth or OpenID Connect provider. When using SMART, you must register your app with a provider that supports SMART. 

Your connection must have their own FHIR® API in order to launch apps from their system using a Redox launch URL.

Things you need to know

What's next?

Does this API action seem like a good fit for your unique workflow? If so, let your Redox rep know! You can begin development by downloading the relevant resource schema (which is noted in the relevant action step below), and deciding which data elements you need. Then head over to our Quickstart guide to dive right in.

If you're not engaged with our sales team yet, talk to a Redoxer to get started.

Action steps

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    Launch app within an EHR system

After enabling SSO, you must include these query parameters in the URL when making subsequent API requests:

Query parameter
Redox provides a unique SessionID that you must include in the _redox_session query parameter of the URL to make subsequent FHIR® requests.
This is a FHIR® base URL that can be used to make subsequent FHIR® requests. |

Typically, you receive back the provider user ID and name in the response. Most often, you also receive the patient ID, but not always. We recommend pairing your query with a patient search or other enrollment method to guarantee receiving the patient ID or other patient details.

Refer to the resource schema for more details.

Canada URL

If you're operating in Canada, you must tweak the Redox hostname slightly. All you need to do is add a ca in that URL like this:

Query Response
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