Retrieve a patient's medication list

If you want to access a patient’s prescribed medications—as documented by a specific organization—you can use this API action to retrieve a list. Typically, you can use this for:

  • Tracking a patient’s current medications; or
  • Reminding patients to take current medications at the appropriate time.

Patient identifier required

To use this API action, you must know the patient identifier. If you don’t, you must locate the appropriate identifier first. .

With this API action, you can retrieve information like medication type, dose, status, timing, frequency, quantity, and more.

Supported systems

You can use this API action with the Redox FHIR® API.

Your connection's system can return results with their own FHIR® or query-based API.

Special considerations


You can only search and receive medication data from one organization for one patient. If you want a more comprehensive list, you must perform this API action for every organization you’re interested in receiving data from. 

MedicationAdministration or MedicationRequest

The MedicationRequest resource is the most direct option if you only want a list of all current prescribed medications. What this doesn’t contain: any details about how much a patient has taken of what they were prescribed.

The MedicationAdministration resource contains what medications were given and details about how it was administered to a patient during an inpatient stay. 


Medications are typically represented in SNOMED or RxNorm codes.  

Provider comments

Providers often leave detailed comments in addition to the medication data points. This commentary may provide useful context about how the patient should take the medication or similar instructions. 

EHR systems may handle these free-text comments differently, so we recommend working with your connection to understand the location and availability of these comments. 

Action steps

This API action comprises one step.

Retrieve a patient's prescribed medications

Search parameters

Required search parametersDescription
patientInclude the patient, which can be returned from a search for a patient with demographics.

Returned results

The response contains one or more medications for an individual patient. In FHIR® responses, you can find the total number of included medications in the total array.

Retrieve a patient's medication list Options

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