Shared security model

Redox serves as an intermediary for exchanging data between you and your connections. We share a responsibility with you and your connection to ensure data remains secure from end-to-end. Here's a summary of the key responsibilities to create a safe journey for all data exchanged via Redox.

Responsibilities of Redox  

  • Build a robust, HIPAA-compliant, defense-in-depth security program addressing all angles of our operating environment.
  • Assure the secure receipt, storage, access, and transmittal of all properly formed data exchanged via Redox.
  • Manage Redoxer access and restrict access to systems and data by roles and individuals with a specific business need.
  • Maintain 24/7 support for responding to system stability and availability issues.

Responsibilities of you and your connection

  • Maintain data security within your systems.
  • Build your configuration with Redox following established secure protocols.
  • Manage user access and administrative settings, reflecting established access and change control procedures.

The data that you exchange via Redox with your connection becomes the responsibility of your connection at the point that it is received over your secure integration.