Pre-production support

You can submit a pre-production support ticket if you're in the process of scoping, onboarding, or implementing. These ticket types are for questions you may have prior to going live or for letting us know when you're ready for the next step in your Redox journey.

Get support in the Help Desk
Get support in the Help Desk

Keep in mind, though, that these requests shouldn't be for live production integrations. Learn how to get help with production support.

There are three categories of pre-production support:

  1. Connecting to Redox
  2. Connecting to health systems
  3. General requests
Categories of pre-production support tickets
Categories of pre-production support tickets

Our pre-production support team monitors these tickets and responds during regular business hours from 7am to 7pm CST. We don't provide after-hours support for pre-production issues.

Connecting to Redox

When you click the Connecting to Redox option, a list of subcategories appears. You can select any of these subcategories depending on the nature of your request.

  1. Scope support
  2. Technical enablement
  3. Redox API question
  4. Technical validation
  5. General request
Connecting to Redox subcategories
Connecting to Redox subcategories

Scope support

If your question relates to integration strategy with your connections, select the scope support ticket type.

Specifically, we can help you by getting into the nitty gritty of which data models and event types (for the Redox Data Model API) or which resources and interactions or operations (for the Redox FHIR® API) would be best for you to use based on your unique workflow.

These tickets go directly to our Sales Enablement team.

Technical enablement

If you're ready to kick off your technical onboarding process, select the technical enablement ticket type.

After submitting a ticket, you receive an email with links to pertinent technical docs and other resources that your team can review. We also include instructions to set up a Q&A call with our technical onboarding team. If you submit the ticket before 4pm CST, you receive the confirmation email the same day; if you submit the ticket after 4pm CST, you can expect the confirmation email on the next business day.

Redox API question

If you have any technical questions related to configuring your product with Redox, select the Redox API ticket type.

Technical validation

If your development work is finished and you're ready to kick off your first project, select the technical validation ticket type.

This type of request prompts our technical onboarding team to perform validation testing to confirm that your endpoint successfully initiates and receives requests for all of your scoped events.

Completing your development

Your code development to Redox should already be finished prior to kicking off your first project. This doesn't mean that you can't modify the build once your first project starts, but we recommend that it should be as complete as possible, based on the development and testing tools Redox provides. 

We recommend this because it's not always possible to predict your connection's timelines. By removing additional variables from your first project’s timeline–like your core development to Redox–it allows us to move as quickly as your connection can once the project kicks off.

Connecting to health systems

When you click the Connecting to health systems option, a list of subcategories appears. You can select any of these subcategories depending on the nature of your request. Our Integration Managers review and respond to all of the tickets from this category.

  1. Pre-kickoff support
  2. Project request
  3. Port routing request
  4. Functional testing
  5. Application testing support
  6. Go-live readiness request
  7. General request
Connecting to health systems subcategories
Connecting to health systems subcategories

Pre-kickoff support

If you have questions about a new connection prior to kickoff, select the Pre-kickoff support ticket.

For this type of request, you may have questions like:

  • “Have you worked with X EHR before?”
  • “How well is my scope supported with eClinicalWorks?”
  • “Are there any special considerations for working with Allscripts?”

Check which connections we already work with and a list of Carequality participants to see if your question is answered there first. If not, submit a ticket.

Please note that we prefer that you ask these types of questions early in the process with your partners. If you still need support from us via a support call, please make sure to include an agenda so our team can review prior to the call. This way, we can provide you with the available resources or research your questions beforehand.

Project request

If you already have a contract with your partner healthcare organization and are ready to start implementing with us, select the Project request ticket type. Review the pre-kickoff checklist to make sure you're ready first.

We review project requests on Wednesdays and Fridays. Once we confirm your project, you receive an email with our assigned Integration Manager and the start window for the project. We typically staff projects two to three weeks out.

Port routing request

If you require custom logic for routing API requests to a global VPN, select the Port routing request ticket type. This is not a common requirement; this ticket type is only for a few of our customers.

Functional testing

If you're doing functional testing and need support from us, select the Functional testing ticket type.

Application testing suport

If you're doing application testing and you come across a technical issue that needs our troubleshooting, select the Application testing support ticket type.

Go-live readiness request

If you completed functional/application testing and you're ready to go live, select the Go-live readiness request ticket type. You can also submit this type of ticket if your project has been on hold for any reason and you're ready to move to production.

General request (for the Integration team)

If your assigned Integration Manager is out of office or if you have a general question about an ongoing implementation, select the General request ticket type to get in touch with an integration expert.

General requests

The third major category under Pre-production support is for General requests. You can select this ticket type when you're not sure which Pre-production category to pick. Our Customer Success team reviews and responds to these tickets.