The Redox Help Desk

We're here to help throughout your entire Redox journey, from prospective onboarding and establishing connections to maintaining live integrations. Visit our Help Desk to create an account and submit a pre-production or production support ticket.

Pre-production support includes:

  • Connecting to Redox
  • Connecting to healthcare organizations
  • General requests

Production support includes:

  • Problem with a live integration
  • General questions
  • Requests for live integrations

Creating a Help Desk account

To get started, you must create a Help Desk account to submit tickets in our customer portal.

  1. The login screen appears. Click the Sign up link.
    The login page of the Redox Help Desk
    The login page of the Redox Help Desk
  2. On the Sign up screen, enter your email address and click the Send link button. Please use your work email address so that your account is associated with your organization.
    The Sign up screen
    The Sign up screen
  3. The screen prompts you to check your email to finish signing up. Check your inbox to find the Sign up email.
    Sign up email
    Sign up email
    If the email hasn't appeared, click the Resend link on the Help Desk screen.
    Resend link
    Resend link
  4. In the email, click the Sign up button to finish creating your account.

Submitting support tickets

Check out our instructions for submitting tickets based on the ticket type:

Whichever ticket type you submit, you're redirected to a summary of the newly created ticket after it's successfully created. You can review your ticket or add comments on this screen.

Successfully created ticket
Successfully created ticket

Ticked updates and statuses

As we review and resolve your ticket, we provide updates via the comments on your ticket. You receive an email whenever we update the status or add a comment.

Emails with updates on your ticket
Emails with updates on your ticket

You can reply to the email or comment directly in the ticket to respond.

If you don't receive any emails, you can also click the Requests option in the upper right-hand corner of any screen in the customer portal to see and comment on your open tickets.

Open requests
Open requests

Adding your team members to a ticket

There are two ways that you can add team members to an open ticket to include them on any updates:

  1. Copy a team member on an email response to us.
  2. Share the ticket with your team member in the Help Desk portal.

Either way you choose to share the ticket, your team member receives an email prompting them to set up a Help Desk account.

Does my team member need a Help Desk account?

If your team member only wants to receive email updates, they don't need to create a Help Desk account. They still receive emails as long as you copy them on the ticket once.

If your team member wants to receive email updates, view the ticket in the portal, or comment on the ticket, they must create a Help Desk account first.

Copying a team member on an email

  1. You receive an update on your ticket via email.
  2. Reply back with your team member copied.
  3. Your team member receives any future email updates.

Share the ticket in Help Desk

  1. Navigate to the Help Desk and log in.
  2. Once you have successfully logged in, click the Requests button in the top right-hand corner.
  3. The Requests screen appears with all of your open tickets in a queue. Select the open ticket that you want to share with your team member.
  4. The ticket summary appears. Under the Shared with section on the right-hand side, click the Share link.
  5. The Share field becomes editable. If your team member already has a Help Desk account, type in their username. If your team member doesn't have a Help Desk account yet, enter their email address. Then click the Add button.
    Shared with section
    Shared with section
  6. Your team member receives an email to let them know they're an additional participant on the ticket. If they have a Help Desk account, they can now view the ticket in the Help Desk portal and they can make comments.