Onboarding guide

If you're ready for the fun to begin, we're here to walk you through technical onboarding to Redox. Complete these tried-and-true steps either simultaneously or in the order that makes the most sense for you. The key is that all steps must be complete before starting your first implementation project. Check the labels to see which team is responsible for each step.

  1. Product. Review our basics docs to learn about Redox.
  2. Product and engineering. Build your integration team. Plan ahead for team members you need for implementation projects later. Review our recommended team roles and responsibilities.
  3. Product and engineering. Meet with Redoxers for a technical and operational deep dive.
  4. Product and engineering. Design your integration strategy.
  5. Product. Create your Redox accounts:
  6. Engineering. Complete development to configure your system to Redox.
  7. Product. Submit a tech validation ticket via our Help Desk. After receiving the ticket, we run a few validation checks on our end.
  8. Meet your Redox Customer Success manager.

Next steps

Once you successfully integrate with Redox, you're ready to start your first implementation project.

Test an endpoint in your system

Before going live, use our Notifications Explorer to make sure that your configured endpoints can receive the data you expect to receive from Redox.

Redox marketing resources

Stay in-the-know, create promotional content with us, or get added to our product catalog.


Get Redox Support

For onboarding, implementation, or live production issues, submit a ticket via the Redox Help Desk.


We use lots of terms in the healthcare and interoperability worlds. Let's define some of that tricky jargon for you.