Test with Redox FHIR sandbox data

You can use the Redox FHIR® API sandbox environment to send test requests for test patients. You simply need to send requests to redox-fhir-sandbox.

Test patients

To perform test patient searches, we have several test patients you can use. Scroll down to see the patient data we include below. You can also learn more about searching for any of these patients with:

Just note that our FHIR® sandbox uses exact matching for patient searches.

For identifiers, we include one or more of the following for each test patient:

  • Medical Record ID (MR)
  • driver's license number (DL)
  • passport number (PPN)
  • Social Security number (SSN)

The system for MR, DL, and PPN is the Redox FHIR® API sandbox environment. The system for SSN is http://hl7.org/fhir/side/us-ssn.

For demographics, we include one or more of the following for each test patient:

  • given name
  • family name
  • gender
  • birthdate
  • address-city
  • address-state
  • address-postalcode
  • home phone
  • mobile phone
  • email address

Phone and address parameters

A couple of things to note for patient searches:

First, the phone parameter matches either home or mobile phone.

Second, you may notice that the address is split into three parameters (address-city, address-state, address-postalcode) and doesn't include the street address. The FHIR® API sandbox doesn't support searching for a street address. Instead, you can search by city, state, or postal code—or a combination of the three.

Some of the test patients have extra data associated with them, such as document, insurance, or encounter data. If available for a given test patient, we include the document ID to use with the DocumentReference resource; an indicator that insurance information exists so that you can retrieve Account and Coverage resources; and the number of encounters so that you can retrieve the Encounter resource.

For patient searches

You can search for the following patients:

Patient name
Debra Dickens
MR: 59hoCFbR6vKPDSx2uQhbVD
DL: S99933682
PPN: X46551063X
SSN: 999-78-1319
DOB: 1968-06-25
Gender: Female
Address: Fostoria, OH
Mobile phone: 555-578-5675
Email: Debra.Dickens-23@syntheamail.com
Earnest Mitchell
MR: ctQgwYF6kNCgiuxdb7z7p9
DL: S99921352
PPN: X10211256X
SSN: 999-26-7604
DOB: 1998-06-10
Gender: Male
Address: Summit, NJ
Home phone: 555-762-3229
Email: Earnest.Mitchell-15@syntheamail.com
Ana Luisa Salgado
MR: vnFCX1PcEi7FAm32jrbnjj
DL: S99987926
SSN: 999-37-3216
DOB: 2003-11-25
Gender: Female
Address: Paterson, NJ 07502
Home phone: 555-252-2071
Mobile phone: 555-310-4913
Email: Ana Luisa.Salgado-41@syntheamail.com
Gus Smitham
MR: 1X45iGXUozTwnc5dsJKFAe
DL: S99910612
PPN: X37324658X
SSN: 999-68-4590
DOB: 1948-01-06
Gender: Male
Address: Beaverton, MI 48612
Home phone: 555-100-8501
Mobile phone: 555-817-9005
Email: Gus.Smitham-98@syntheamail.com
Jude Welch
MR: hgJfcpJnHWDpoYFmNWjtpu
SSN: 999-44-3722
DOB: 2008-04-11
Gender: Male
Address: Troy, OH 45373
Home phone: 555-360-1507
Mobile phone: 555-798-2412
Email: Jude.Welch-19@syntheamail.com

For document data

You can search for this patient and associated documents with the DocumentReference resource:

Patient name
Additional data
Laverne Rodriguez
DOB: 1968-03-15
Gender: Male
Address: Nashville, TN
DocumentReferenceID: 197c2a40-debb-4989-a157-4a8198cab637

For insurance data

You can search for this patient and associated insurance data with the Account and Coverage resources:

Patient name
Additional data
Edmund Rowe
MR: sVyqANP4BXqmPBScTnH3y5
DL: S99927866
PPN: X8554584X
SSN: 999-68-9002
DOB: 1988-06-05
Gender: Male
Address: Germantown, MD
Insurance: Y

For encounter data

You can search for this patient and associated encounter data with the Encounter resource:

Patient name
Additional data
Sulema Gerhold
MR: ruS4MtiboeYjsA6tnE3nKu
DL: S99965348
PPN: X36705103X
SSN: 999-51-9707
DOB: 1980-07-01
Gender: Female
Address: Leland, MS 38756
Mobile phone: 555-852-9398
Email: Sulema.Gerhold-84@syntheamail.com
Encounters: 5

Example responses

If you're testing against the sandbox environment and want to know what kind of responses to expect, you can refer to the examples below.

Keep in mind that the bundle.id field in the response is different for each request.