What is digital record retrieval?

Digital record retrieval connects to the Carequality Interoperability Framework, which provides access to thousands of provider locations and millions of patient records in their nationwide network. If you want to explore how integration via Redox works, you can build your own prototype to quickly get started.

With digital record retrieval, you can perform these API actions:

  • Locate patient records: Find organizations that have a record for your patient and obtain demographics and identifiers.
  • Request patient documents: Retrieve patient summaries and other clinical documents.

Benefits of digital record retrieval

Use Redox to integrate with the nation’s largest health information network today.

  • Lightning-fast onboarding: Use our extensive experience to get to production and value within days. As your implementer, we complete Carequality’s certification process for you, and our self-service wizard lets you set up digital record retrieval at your own pace.
  • Modern technology: Standards are hard—and get harder when you combine multiple types. Let us do the heavy-lifting by using our proven data models to get up and running.
  • Management and maintenance: We provide tools to help (a) build out and grow your organization while staying in sync with the Framework; (b) protect you from sending invalid data; and (c) answer your questions.

Self-service wizard

Our digital record retrieval wizard helps you set up your staging environment and migrate to production quickly by:

  • Confirming your eligibility: Determine if you’re a good fit for Carequality through the wizard's qualifying process. You must also review and agree to the terms of use before integrating.

    How you get approved

    After you submit the qualification form in the Redox dashboard, we receive a notification to review your application. If you're approved, you see the "pending" status change to "approved" in the dashboard. If you're not approved, your status remains "pending" in the dashboard, and one of our Sales team members reaches out to you to discuss alternative options. You can expect to hear from us or see a change in your status within 48 to 72 hours. Feel free to generate your credentials and complete your technical validation during this timeframe.

  • Testing your connection to ensure you’re ready to go: Use our sandboxes and testing guidelines to get connected and confirm your integration is working before moving to production.
  • Using Redox as your Carequality responder: The Framework is all about sharing—each participant is required to respond to other participant requests. We provide the responding infrastructure, while you just need to provide the data.

Launch our digital record retrieval wizard for a step-by-step walkthrough and review our onboarding guide to get connected fast. If you need extra support, check out frequently asked questions.