Starter package: digital record retrieval

Digital record retrieval makes it easy to integrate with the Carequality Interoperability Framework via Redox. Read about digital record retrieval.

Prospective Redox customers

You can use digital record retrieval as an opportunity to explore how Redox works. Using digital record retrieval as part of a starter package, you have:

  • starter package pricing;
  • only one organization in your prototype; and
  • Redox as your implementer and responder to Carequality.

Qualify for starter package

To qualify for digital record retrieval as part of a starter package, check if your organization can answer the following questions like this:

Are you a covered entity or do you provide patient care? What purpose of use applies to your software and your users?

  • Carequality participants are required to respond to requests with a Treatment purpose of use. If you have a different purpose of use, your requests may not get many responses since participants aren’t required to respond. If this is the case, digital record retrieval may not be the best option for your organization. Learn more about purpose of use.

How many unique patient databases do you maintain? Does every patient you work with have a unique identifier or do different locations maintain their own databases that may overlap?

  • Each unique patient database requires a separate OID in the Framework, and digital record retrieval only support one database. We can support multiple databases with unique OIDs with one of our other pricing options though.

Do you facilitate multiple locations that may need to be listed with different addresses?

  • Each physical location with a unique address requires its own listing in Carequality. As part of the starter package, digital record retrieval only supports one listing, so your organization doesn’t qualify if you need multiple listings with unique addresses.

How much onboarding help will you need?

  • Digital record retrieval is a self-service option, so it doesn't include onboarding help. If you would like more support than this, digital record retrieval may not be the best option for your organization.

Do you plan for us to respond to requests from Carequality participants on your behalf, or do you prefer to respond on your own?

  • We must be your responder for you to qualify for digital record retrieval.

If you don't qualify

If you don’t qualify for the starter package, there’s no need to worry—we can still help you connect to Carequality. Talk to a Redoxer to discuss options and pricing.

Existing Redox customers

To easily connect to Carequality as an existing customer. Keep in mind that this means you have:

  • standard pricing;
  • multi-organization support; and
  • Redox as your implementer and responder.

Direct connection with Carequality

You don't have to use digital record retrieval to have Carequality as one of your connections through Redox. But with digital record retrieval, we serve as your Carequality implementer and responder.

You can choose to be your own implementer and responder to connect with Carequality, but it may take a significant amount of time to get started. So if you don't want to reinvent the wheel, use our experience to get started with Carequality in a matter of days instead of months.

But if you must, learn how to be your own responder.