With the Redox FHIR® API, we support notifications, queries, and writeback message types. Learn more about exchanging data via FHIR®.

For technical specifications, check out these reference docs to review schema-level details for each exchange type. You can find notifications under the FHIR® notifications section and both queries and writebacks under the FHIR® resources section:

Just note that all FHIR® request URLs start with this base: https://api.redoxengine.com/fhir/R4/[organization-name]/[environment-type]. Then you append the path for the FHIR® interaction/operation you wish to perform, as specified by the standard. For example, to get Patient 123, you could use a URL like: https://api.redoxengine.com/fhir/R4/redox-fhir-sandbox/Development/Patient/123. Each schema in this reference section contains a list of interactions and operations we support for the selected resource type.