Allow-listing for Redox

Your organization may choose to do allow-listing with Redox based on your own security practices. Learn about allow-listing.

Redox is hosted on AWS in the us-east-1 region, so if you choose to do allow-listing, we recommend that your organization allow-lists the IPs for the AMAZON and EC2 services in the us-east-1 region.

O Canada

If you or your connection are operating in Canada, we recommend allow-listing the IPs in the ca-central-1 region in addition to the US region.

Since Redox IPs are assigned by AWS, any updates to our network architecture (including changes to our Virtual Private Cloud) changes them. So, we may provide updates or additions for IPs or regions you should allow-list. For example, we expect that as we expand to additional regions, you may need to allow-list those new sets of inbound IP addresses or AWS regions if you have connections within those regions.

For more specifics, visit the AWS General Reference docs to download their list of IP address ranges. You can also find tools there for filtering and manipulating the file list.