Introduction to the Redox FHIR API

Last updated: Dec 12, 2023

FHIR® is a modern, adaptable, and quick way to exchange healthcare data.

Redox has its own FHIR® API that you can use to communicate with your connections. With our FHIR® API, you can use resources, which are the building blocks for organizing data to exchange. Essentially, they're equivalent to data models, but with a FHIR® REST interface on top of them. You can combine resources to perform a given action to accomplish your unique workflow.

While the industry at large is slowly adopting FHIR®, healthcare organizations are required to support some read capabilities for clinical data at a minimum. However, many notifications and writeback capabilities still aren’t typically available via FHIR®. That makes it hard to decide whether to adopt FHIR® fully, right? Redox FHIR® enables you to have the best of both worlds:

  • Use data already formatted as FHIR®. Or let Redox translate to or from FHIR® so you don’t have to figure out how to cohesively use so many different standards;
  • Use notification and writeback tools with older standards while keeping FHIR® read capabilities.

Our FHIR® API gives you consistency while leaving the complex work to us.

We offer a developer-friendly framework to configure your integrations along with tips and tricks about how to use our FHIR® API and tools. But seriously, have you checked out all of our FHIR® articles?

You may also want the ability to check out your FHIR® traffic and any successes or failures in exchanging data. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel by creating your own tools to track this. We’ve already done it for you by including FHIR® traffic in the Redox dashboard logs. Learn more about logs.

FHIR® translations

Even if your connections don’t have their own FHIR® APIs, we can help you translate other standards to FHIR® messages:

FHIR® authentication

If you're starting your Redox journey, authentication works the same for either the FHIR® API or Data Model API (hooray!).

If you’re an existing customer using our legacy authentication, you must develop support for our new JWT authentication. Learn how to authenticate with JWT.

If you want to keep things consistent, you can use the new authentication both for our FHIR® and Data Model APIs. Or, you can keep your existing code and only use the new auth for the FHIR® API. Just a reminder that you can use our FHIR® API with any existing integrations that currently rely on the Redox Data Model API.

FHIR® data on demand

You can use data on demand with our FHIR® API, just like with the Data Model API. But you can also combine it with FHIR® capabilities. Learn more about FHIR® data on demand.

Redox FHIR® sandbox

We provide a FHIR® sandbox for testing. Use to our available sandbox data to test your unique workflow.