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We're here to help throughout your entire Redox journey, all the way from prospective, onboarding, and implementing connections to maintaining live integrations.

Critical issues

If you have a critical issue affecting a live production integration that requires immediate assistance, please call us at (608) 216-2540. Critical issues include any of these scenarios:

  • There's potential risk for patient safety.
  • There's a potential data breach including PHI.
  • There's a complete or severe loss of service or resources where critical work can't reasonably continue during active user usage.

Critical issues should always be reported via phone instead of, or in addition to, submitting a ticket through the Help Desk.

Submit a ticket to the Redox Help Desk

You can visit our Help Desk to create an account or submit a pre-production or production support ticket.

Learn how to fill out a pre-production support ticket and review expected SLA time for any of these ticket types:

  • Connecting to Redox
  • Questions about implementation
  • Connecting with the cloud (Redox Nova™)

Or, learn about criteria for a production support ticket and review expected SLA time for any of these ticket types:

  • Problem with a live integration
  • General questions
  • Requests for live integrations

Redox availability for non-critical issues

You can submit tickets at any time of day. Our support team monitors tickets and responds during regular business hours from 7AM to 7PM CST. On non-business days, Redox responds only to critical production issues.

2024 non-business date
January 1
New Year’s Eve observed
January 2
New Year’s Day observed
January 15
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 19
Presidents' Day
March 8
Redox R^R day
April 12
Redox R^R day
May 27
Memorial Day
June 19
Juneteenth day
July 4
Independence Day
August 9
Redox R^R day
September 2
Labor Day
October 14
Indigenous Peoples' Day
November 5
Federal Election Day
November 11
Veterans' Day observed
November 28
Thanksgiving Day
November 29
Friday after Thanksgiving
December 24
Christmas Eve
December 25
Christmas Day
December 30
New Year's holiday
December 31
New Year's holiday

Talk to a Redoxer

For prospective (but soon-to-be) customers, contact us with general questions or requests for more information.

Get Redox Support

For onboarding, implementation, or live production issues, submit a ticket via the Redox Help Desk.

Extra resources

Redox Product Changelog

Stay in-the-know by reviewing any changes to Redox products in our Changelog.

Redox system status

Check the status of Redox systems or view our schedule for monthly maintenance.