Place a new order with a healthcare organization

In this article, we share best practices and tips if you're a health tech vendor that needs to send the Order.New event type to your connection via the Redox Data Model API.

In our experience, healthcare organizations that process new orders commonly request the data listed in the table below. These aren't the full requirements, only high-level suggestions when you're getting started. For full technical details and requirements, check out the Order.New schema.

Patient name
Who the order is for.
Patient identifier in your connection's EHR system
This means you must be able to support a patient search or read to first find the patient identifier in your connection's system.
Provider name
Who should fulfill the order for the patient.
National Provider Identifier (NPI)
This is the provider's unique national identifier.
Procedure code
This code should match the procedure code in the EHR system.
For example, if you’re sending an order for an abdomen CT, you must include the procedure code that the EHR system specifically uses for abdomen CTs.
This means that you've already set up procedure mapping at the beginning of your implementation to match your list of procedures to the related procedure codes in the EHR system.