Create an organization

When you create your Redox account, the first thing you're asked to do is create a new organization record to associate with your account.

Join an existing organization

If you want to join an existing organization, the organization owner must invite you. When you receive the invite in your email, you can click the link to confirm your email and join the organization.

  1. Log in to the dashboard.
  2. On the navigation menu, your username displays at the bottom. Click your username for the user menu to appear.
  3. On the user menu, select the Manage Organizations option.
  4. The Organizations page opens. To create a new organization, click the plus (+) button.
  5. The Add New Organization modal appears. Enter an organization name then click the Save button.
  6. The organization Overview page appears.
  7. On the bottom left-hand corner, click your username to open the user menu again. Click the Organization Profile option to add organization details, edit the organization name—or delete the organization.
How to create an organization
How to create an organization