Test with Redox Access sandbox data

Last updated: Jun 14, 2024

You may have noticed we have several code examples in our articles about Redox Access™. These examples have test patient data from either the Redox sandbox or other partner sandboxes. Feel free to use the same test data during your own testing with Redox Access.

Redox test patients

We have 200+ patients available in the Redox sandbox. Check out examples from two fictional healthcare organizations below.

Patient records

Cool.io organization

Cool.io, a fictional healthcare organization, has an OID of 2.16.840.1.113883.3.6147.458.8080.2.2.1.

You can find records for the following patients at Cool.io.

Patient name
Identifiers / Demographics
Gerard Cremin
SSN: 999-86-7555
DOB: 1989-12-25
gender: male
address: 273 Farrell Village, Madison, WI 53558 USA
phone (home): 555-551-3549
email: Gerard.Cremin-20@syntheamail.com
Kelli Fritsch
SSN: 999-88-7393
DOB: 2007-01-01
gender: female
address: 853 Schinner Ramp, Madison, WI 53703 USA
phone (home): 555-140-2272
phone (mobile): 555-503-2846
email: Kelli.Fritsch-80@syntheamail.com
Bobby Gottlieb
SSN: 999-42-4700
DOB: 2010-06-04
gender: male
address: 930 Strosin Parade, Madison, WI 53718 USA
phone (mobile): 555-887-6766
email: Bobby.Gottlieb-51@syntheamail.com
Calvin Hills
SSN: 999-81-6372
DOB: 1989-08-16
gender: male
address: 765 Dickinson Annex Unit 1, Madison, WI 53714 USA
phone (mobile): 555-757-8394
email: Calvin.Hills-100@syntheamail.com
Harriet Dare
SSN: 999-38-8978
DOB: 1957-05-20
gender: female
address: 554 Bechtelar Annex, Madison, WI 53715 USA
phone (home): 555-726-3278
phone (mobile): 555-925-1166
email: Harriet.Dare-44@syntheamail.com
lacy523 waelchi213
SSN: 101-01-0001
DOB: 2014-05-19
gender: male
address: 418 Rice Ranch Apartment 17 Easton, MA USA
phone (home): +18088675301

Donut Truck Health organization

Donut Truck Health, a fictional healthcare organization, has an OID of 2.16.840.1.113883.3.6147.458.8079.2.2.1.

You can find records for the following patients at Donut Truck Health.

Patient name
Identifiers / Demographics
Timothy Hammes
SSN: 999-59-1387
DOB: 1913-12-15
gender: male
address: 827 Kris Extension Suite 24, Madison, WI 53597 USA
phone (home): 555-729-2695
phone (mobile): 555-255-9511
email: Timothy.Hammes-22@syntheamail.com
Magdalene Kemmer
SSN: 999-11-4990
DOB: 2000-10-24
gender: female
address: 444 Kunze Manor, Madison, WI 53714 USA
phone (home): 555-464-7884
email: Magdalene.Kemmer-49@syntheamail.com
Ashleigh Torp
SSN: 999-46-9721
DOB: 1964-09-16
gender: female
address: 482 Larkin Blvd, Madison, WI 53590 USA
phone (home): 555-896-4339
phone (mobile): 555-271-7887
email: Ashleigh.Torp-40@syntheamail.com
Arron Walsh
SSN: 999-27-8636
DOB: 1988-08-22
gender: male
address: 600 Nolan Forge, Madison, WI 53590 USA
phone (home): 555-170-3036
email: Arron.Walsh-38@syntheamail.com
Agnes Schroeder
SSN: 999-85-9725
DOB: 1990-02-05
gender: female
address: 304 Rogahn Run, Madison, WI USA
phone (mobile): 555-500-1569
email: Agnes.Schroeder-6@syntheamail.com

Records with clinical details

If you want to validate sending or receiving clinical summary fields, search for these patients with procedure, medication, or problem details populated.

Cool.io organization

Cool.io, a fictional healthcare organization, has an OID of 2.16.840.1.113883.3.6147.458.8080.2.2.1.

You can find records for the following patients at Cool.io.

Patient name
Identifiers / Demographics
Clinical details
Horacio Samaniego
ID: gmQLDZhFM2AXUQm3zD16a5
DOB: 1936-03-31
gender: male
ZIP code: 53792
phone: +1 808-867-5301
email: horacio.samaniego@fakeemail.com
Óscar Rendón
ID: 473SPbH7CyAkywhVRfG6KS
DOB: 1936-03-31
gender: male
ZIP code: 53715
phone: +1 808-867-5302
email: oscar.rendon@fakeemail.com
Hugo Kilback
ID: qkvikEeH4SKcSFxkC9aLrW
DOB: 1947-06-17
gender: male
ZIP code: 53707
phone: +1 808-867-5303
email: hugo.kilback@fakeemail.com
Freddie Corkery
DOB: 1971-03-08
gender: male
ZIP code: 53703
phone: +1 808-867-5304
email: feddie.corkery@fakeemail.com
Tammy Torp
ID: xAUaiqLWPTKfDcZp3u42RB
DOB: 2000-04-14
gender: female
ZIP code: 53593
phone: +1 808-867-5305
email: tammy.torp@fakeemail.com

Carequality test patients

Some of the Carequality participants also offer test data in the Carequality staging environment. We don't maintain these databases, so you may see errors returned or offline statuses in some cases. We still include these examples to give you a broader view of available data, but we can’t guarantee their availability.

CRISP test patients

CRISP has an ID of 2.16.840.1.113883.3.651.

Patient name
Identifiers / Demographics
Alert details
Gilbert Grape
CRISP ID: 31131416
DOB: 1984-01-01
gender: male
address: 4145 Earl C Atkins Dr, River, WV 26000
Care Alerts
Solonia Testpatient
CRISP ID: 32195216
DOB: 1955-01-01
gender: female
address: 123 Test Street Name, Salisbury, MD 21804
Anna Cadence
CRISP ID: 79559712
DOB: 1981-11-16
gender: female
address: 1021 Main Street, Columbia, MD 21045
Luke Vader
CRISP ID: 79707202
DOB: 1977-07-12
gender: male
address: 123 One Main Street, Baltimore, MD 21045
Chad Testpatient
CRISP ID: 311355651
DOB: 1970-02-01
gender: male
address: 555 N. Dale Drive, Columbus, OH 43215
Patient No
CRISP ID: 11111111
DOB: 1901-01-01
gender: female
address: 123 Rustic Dr, Annapolis, MD 21401
Doesn't exist