Troubleshoot sending request errors

Last updated: Nov 7, 2023

This article contains some common errors or use cases you might run into when sending a message to Redox.

Sending a file

413 Payload Too Large
This error occurs if you try to embed a file over 10 MB. Try uploading a file and referencing instead. Learn more about sending a file.
You may also get this kind of error when sending other messages that don't include files. Refer to Redox size limits.
Error occurred while setting the permissions and/or timestamp
This may happen if you're sending a file via SFTP and you try to modify the timestamp or file permissions. Redox doesn't support timestamp or file permission changes. If you try to modify the file automatically, you'll still get an error back.
To successfully send the file to Redox, you'll either need to disable that automatic file change or turn on the "Ignore permission errors" option.