Troubleshoot verification errors for an endpoint

Last updated: Apr 30, 2024

You may run into errors when trying to verify an endpoint in your system. This happens when Redox can't successfully reach or deliver to your endpoint.

Redox lets you know something's wrong by returning an HTTP or error code. Sadly, your endpoint can't be verified until you're able to resolve the issue triggering the error in your system.

In general, you should make sure that:

  • your endpoint URL is correct (i.e., no typos).
  • your system is configured to handle verification tokens and support POST requests.
  • your system is running and receiving POST requests.

For reference, read about endpoint verification or learn how to create and verify an endpoint.

HTTP response code

You may receive an error with a 4XX HTTP response code if your system considers our verification request invalid. If so, there may be an error in your system configuration.

Error code or message

You may receive an error code or message if Redox can't deliver the verification request. Your system may have timed out or didn't respond to our verification request.

Here are examples of errors you might receive.

Error message
The endpoint isn't publicly accessible.
Remember that to successfully receive data, your endpoint must (a) be publicly accessible from the internet; (b) accept POST requests; and (c) use SSL/TLS encryption (not relevant to development environments).
Destination endpoint is not available
Another dashboard organization is already using that endpoint URL.
Make sure to use a unique endpoint URL for your organization.
Production and staging applications must use HTTPS.
The endpoint URL is missing the "s" in https.
Add the "s" in https of the endpoint URL.
There's a certificate issue with the endpoint's system. It's likely that the wildcard is listed twice.
Make sure to follow the correct certificate format. This should be the leaf (i.e., wildcard cert) followed by the issuer/intermediate certificate.