Submit production support tickets for live production issues

Last updated: Jan 3, 2024

You can submit production support tickets if you have any issues or questions about one of your live production integrations. These ticket types are for questions you may have after going live.

Get support in the Help Desk
Get support in the Help Desk

Keep in mind that these tickets aren't for ongoing implementations. Learn how to get help with pre-production support.

There are three categories of production support tickets:

  1. Problem
  2. Question
  3. Request


If you're experiencing a live production issue, select the problem ticket type.

Please be sure to include:

  • the directionality of the requests that experienced issues;
  • the impact of your issue;
  • the relevant log details (e.g., log ID, date/time);
  • any error messages you received; and
  • any additional details.

You can submit tickets at any time of day. Our production support team monitors these tickets and responds during regular business hours from 7AM to 7PM CST.

We provide after-hours support for critical production issues. We recommend that your own support team has appropriate after-hours support and escalation plans to work with us on these critical issues.

We determine the urgency of your issue based on the following guidelines.

Urgency level
Impact to you
Time to Redox response
Time to Redox follow-up
(a) There's potential for patient safety;
(b) There's a potential data breach including PHI; or
(c) There's a complete or severe loss of service or resources where critical work can't reasonably continue during active user usage.
15 minutes during normal business hours or after hours.
Note: This is the expected response time only if you have both called production support and submitted a ticket to the Help Desk.
Hourly, until a resolution is in place.
Your integration has some loss of service or resources with no acceptable workaround.
60 minutes during normal business hours or after hours.
Hourly, until a resolution is in place.
Your integration is business operational but isn't working as expected.
120 minutes during normal business hours.
As updates occur.

If you submit a ticket on one of our non-business days, we review it on the following business day. The Redox Help Desk lists whether it's a non-business day so you're aware before submitting a ticket.

For critical issues, we provide after-hours support during non-business days. Call the production support team at (608) 216-2540.

2024 non-business date
January 1
New Year’s Eve observed
January 2
New Year’s Day observed
January 15
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 19
Presidents' Day
March 8
Redox R^R day
April 12
Redox R^R day
May 27
Memorial Day
June 19
Juneteenth day
July 4
Independence Day
August 9
Redox R^R day
September 2
Labor Day
October 14
Indigenous Peoples' Day
November 5
Federal Election Day
November 11
Veterans' Day observed
November 28
Thanksgiving Day
November 29
Friday after Thanksgiving
December 24
Christmas Eve
December 25
Christmas Day
December 30
New Year's holiday
December 31
New Year's holiday


If you have a general question about your live integration, select the question ticket type.

We aim to resolve these types of tickets within 5 business days.


If you want to talk to us about updating your live integration, select the request ticket type.

We aim to resolve these types of tickets within 10 business days.