Create a value set

Last updated: Jul 2, 2024

Two value sets are required to create one translation set. Read about translation sets.

You must create a value set for each code set that you're translating to and from between systems. Typically, a project manager or engineer will create any needed value sets during an implementation project with a new connection.

  1. Navigate to the Operations page in the dashboard.
  2. By default, the Value sets tab displays. Click the Create value set button.
  3. The value set wizard opens. Enter the value set name, then click the Next button. This name appears as the column title for the value set table, and it will appear when choosing from a list of value sets when creating translation sets.
    Create a new value set
    Create a new value set
  4. In the next tab, add your value(s) one at at time by typing the value in the field, then clicking the Add value button (or pressing Enter on your keyboard).
  5. The new value(s) appear in the table. If needed, click the pencil icon to edit a value.
  6. When you're finished, click the Create set button.
  7. The value set's Details page opens with the table of values. On this page, you can view recent activity, including who last updated the set, and what translation set(s) it's applied to.
    Add values
    Add values
  8. If needed, repeat these steps to create another value set to map to. Remember, you must have two value sets to create one translation set.

Delete a value set

  1. Review the list of value sets on the Translations page.
  2. Find the value set you want to delete. Click the three-dots icon.
  3. On the drop-down menu, click the Delete set button or click the Edit details button.
  4. If you clicked the Edit details button, the Details page opens. Click the Delete set button.
    Delete a value set
    Delete a value set