Troubleshoot SSO errors

Last updated: May 8, 2024

If your Redox organization is enabled for single sign-on (SSO), you may run into some of these errors.

But first, here are the SSO glossary terms for your reference:

Unable to log in

You or a user in your organization isn't able to log in to your Redox organization via SSO.

First, make sure that you're not trying to log in to Redox from your identity provider (IdP). Redox only supports an SP-initiated login, meaning you should log in via the Redox dashboard, which launches the SSO workflow.

To verify, log in to the Redox dashboard directly after it's been configured and enabled for your organization.

New users not showing up

You may see a user in your IdP but not in the Redox organization (whether in the dashboard or via the Platform API).

Remember that SSO-enabled organizations must first add a user in your IdP. Then, the new user must log in to the Redox dashboard, which triggers a sync between the IdP and Redox. If you're not seeing a user in the Redox organization, it's likely that the user hasn't actually attempted logging in to the Redox dashboard yet.

Unable to see invitations in the dashboard

You're unable to see the Invitations tab on the Users page of the Redox dashboard.

This is expected if you're part of an SSO-enabled organization. Since you add users to your Redox organization via your IdP, you don't need the typical invitation flow that other non-SSO organizations use. So, the Invitations tab is purposefully hidden.

No invitations for SSO-enabled organizations
No invitations for SSO-enabled organizations
Invitations for non-SSO orgs
Invitations for non-SSO orgs