What are Redox organizations and users?

Your Redox organization is the virtual representation of your company’s account on the Redox platform.

You may also hear "Redox dashboard organization," which is the same thing. "Organization" may be used more broadly in case you manage your organization's setup via APIs instead of the dashboard.

Your Redox organization contains all of the integration infrastructure, settings, and configuration that help you integrate with your connections.

Whoever creates an organization is by default the owner of the organization. Each organization must have at least one owner, but you could have more than one.


A user is anyone from your company that you want to include in your Redox organization. This means they have a login to the Redox dashboard or can access your Redox organization via APIs.

Organization owners or admins can invite users to a Redox organization, as well as manage which users have access to which environments.